Signals From the Other Side

As part of my interview for the Happiness Telesummit, I’ve re-listened to a teleclass I did back in 2008. It was before I learned Access Consciousness so it doesn’t have any Access clearings in it but it is chock full of useful information about all the different ways our loved ones on the other side are sending us messages. My awareness is that they are sending us little signs  frequently and most of us are missing most of them!

One of my favorite examples is from my Mom. She died in 2003 and she LOVED butterflies. Since she died she has been sending me butterflies especially at times when I was feeling a little low and could really use a Mom boost. Well, she outdid herself in October 2012. And it was a very happy occasion — my nephew’s wedding. He and his bride had asked me to officiate at their wedding and I was so happy to do it. The men in the wedding party, the guests, and I had been waiting on the beach for about 40 minutes for the bride to arrive and nothing strange happened in all that time. BUT as soon as I opened my mouth to welcome the guests, a big beautiful butterfly flew right in between my nephew and me! Pete and I both looked at each other and knew that it was Mom/Grandma. The real surprise came after the ceremony when people started asking me how we did the butterfly thing. Apparently at the same time we were noticing the one butterfly, dozens were flying out of the two decorative ferns on either side of the wedding arch! Mom outdid herself that day.

Turns out that butterflies are a pretty common signal, even if your loved one wasn’t as crazy for butterflies as Mom. They represent transformation to many people so they are appropriate. Birds and family animals often deliver messages. They also find it easy to manipulate electricity so notice if lights turn on and off, or the radio suddenly comes on, especially if it’s playing their song. You might notice their scent or that of their cigarettes, pipe or cigar. Or they might visit you in a dream when your barriers are down and it’s easier for them to get through.

What signals have you noticed from your loved ones? Please add a comment and tell us.

And if there’s enough interest, I’ll re-offer the Signals teleclass, this time with Access clearings so it’ll be even easier to notice the signals your loved ones are sending you. They are trying so hard to get through. What’s it going to take for you to notice them?

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