Pat’s Events

Events in 2018

Intuition to Raise Your Income Global Summit

Here is the introduction from the summit host Natasha Senkovich:

You will love this interview if you wondered how you can change your life by asking the right questions. Sounds simple but it’s so powerful.

In today’s interview, we will learn how to create miracles in our lives simply by asking questions (not needing to know the answers right away and detaching from outcomes). Pat shows us, using an amazing modality called Access Consciousness, how you can create limitless possibilities in your life and overcome issues that may take years of therapy. Sounds too good to be true? I have seen this work in my own life and I urge you to try it!


Events in 2015

Introduction to Access

In September I ran a promotional webinar for a series of in-person trainings happening in Sacramento CA. The webinar was a great introduction to Access Consciousness and I thought you might appreciate the opportunity to see it here. Hope you enjoy!


The Happiness Telesummit (2015 edition)

Erica Glessing asked me back for this year’s Happiness Telesummit and this time I spoke about aging — or what I like to call “youthing”!


The Energy of Healing

On June 1, the night before our book, The Energy of Healing, launched — and hit #1 on Amazon! — Erica did a google hangout with some of the authors. You can hear me around 1:30. Unfortunately there was a technical glitch and my image never recorded. But you can hear  the audio just fine! A lot of the authors are Access facilitators but you wouldn’t want to watch the whole hangout now, would you?

CLICK HERE for more information about the book.


Events in 2014

2014 was a fun year for me as I was able to get out and about virtually and talk about my favorite topics at a number of different telesummits. Check out the interviews below.


In March 2014, I was interviewed by Erica Glessing on her Happiness Telesummit. My topic was Happiness After Loss.


Then in April 2014 Dr. Marilyn Carmona, D.C. interviewed me about Access Consciousness – check out the interview below.


In July 2014 I was a guest at the Intuition to Income Global Summit with Abby Gooch – that was a lot of fun.