Is your body your friend?

If you treated your best friend the way you treat your body, would she still be your friend? Would you ever say to your friend the kinds of things you say to or about your body? If you felt about your friend the way you feel about your body, would you even want to be friends with her?

I used to stare at my reflection and analyze all the faults. I felt disgusted about the extra pounds and the sagging and the veins that show in my legs. The more I criticized, the worse I felt. Worse yet, I knew that I was making the situation worse by my judgments and I couldn’t seem to stop. None of my tools were able to help.

Then I discovered Access Consciousness and started to love my body, extra pounds and all. My poor beautiful body has endured such abuse over the years and now it is my friend and collaborator. An extra added bonus is that I’m having the best sex of my life! How does it get any better than that?

Did you know that you can ask your body what and when it wants to eat? It may take a little while for you to “hear” what your body is telling you but you will be able to eventually. You can ask it what it wants to look like and then ask for its help in getting you there. You can also ask your body what it wants to wear. And how it wants to move (otherwise known as exercise).

What would it take for you to treat your body as your ally and consult with it on things that concern it? You can even consult your body on money questions. Let’s face it, it’s your body that wants money. Your spirit doesn’t care. Your body is what loves great food and wine, lovely clothes, a wonderful home and hot car. As an example, when you’re deciding whether or not to buy something, ask “If I buy this, will it make me money?” Then notice what your body does. Does it feel heavier and/or get contracted and smaller? Or does it fell lighter and more expansive? Heavy is a no and light is a yes.

Of course, you are still at choice about whether you take your body’s advice. You can always choose something different. I have found that following my body generally works better for me. How much fun can you have playing with this? Let us¬†know what you discover.

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