Facelift Class

NEW!  Facelift Class is now a Full Day class with TWO gift and receive sessions!

The Access Energetic Facelift(™) is an amazing process to reverse the effects of aging on the face and body. See the description of the process HERE.

Pamper Yourself EFL

This class will teach you how to give the Access Facelift to your friends and clients. In this class, you will:

  • Learn the facelift process
  • Watch a facelift video with two different examples
  • Receive TWO full facelift sessions
  • Give TWO full facelift sessions
  • Receive a manual and a one-page guide
  • Be certified to deliver facelifts to your clients
  • Receive clearings, especially about aging

You will receive a manual and expert guidance as you learn in a fun environment.


You will give and receive TWO complete Facelift sessions in this class!

After this one-day class, you will be certified as an Access Facelift Practitioner and can offer sessions to others. Or you can add these powerful tools to enhance your existing business as an aesthetician, healer or coach. What are the infinite possibilities?


See the Events Calendar for upcoming class dates and locations. There are no prerequisites for this class.

How much fun can we have with this class?

Because it’s so much fun to trade with a friend, I’m offering a FRIENDS discount.

BONUS: Bring a friend to the facelift class and you’ll each receive a gift of a recording of 30 minutes of clearings around aging and appearance. $20 value.

TO REGISTER, there is a 2-step process:

  1. Register at the Access site. To register, please go HERE and find the list of upcoming classes. Choose the class and date you prefer If you don’t see the class you want, contact me and maybe we can schedule one that will work.
  2. Payment via PayPal, cash or check. To make the check-in process easier, it’s great to pay in advance using the form at the bottom of this page.

To pay in advance, use the form below.