Access Bars Class

  • Would you like to learn a wonderful healing modality that is FAST, EFFECTIVE, and EASY TO LEARN?
  • And be certified to use it with clients after this one-day class?
  • Would you like a way to relieve stress and relax — for yourself and for others?
  • Are you a seeker who knows something more is possible?

Watch neuroscientist, Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, be amazed by the changes in the brain after a BARS session


Learn the Bars® and be able to contribute to yourself and your clients and friends:

  • Be more relaxed and less stressedDain receiving Bars
  • Sleep better
  • Have more energy
  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Feel peaceful and calm
  • Heal emotional scars
  • Help your clients and loved ones experience more of these

Access Bars® has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their body and their life including sleep, health, weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress and so much more. At worst you will feel like you have just had a phenomenal massage. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease. What would it take to step into these possibilities?

What if there is a whole new way of being that is possible for you — a way with more fun, more magic, more abundance? Wouldn’t you like to play in that reality?

Do you remember the last moment in your life when you were totally relaxed and nurtured and cared for? Or has it been a little too long since you received healing and kindness without any judgment of your body or your being?

Learn the Bars® and be certified in one day.

Access Consciousness®  is a dynamic set of tools, techniques and philosophies that can change any area of life. What would you really like to change? Access Consciousness helps you to release the limiting beliefs and conclusions that are keeping you from having the life you truly desire.

Bars Head chartThe first class in Access Consciousness is the Bars. The Bars are 32 points on the head that contain the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, feelings, emotions and considerations you have stored in your body from any lifetime. When gently touched, these can easily and effortlessly release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing experience, undoing limitations in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change. Each Bars session can release thousands of years of limitations in the area of your life that corresponds to the specific Bar being touched. There’s a Bar for money, control, creativity, aging, communication, sexuality, gratitude, and many more. At worst, you feel like you’ve had a good massage.  At best, you can change your life.

Each class includes:

  • Coaching by a Certified Bars Facilitator
  • Clearings of blocks and obstacles throughout the day
  • Viewing “Access the Bars” DVD with founder Gary Douglas personally demonstrating the techniques
  • Receiving TWO Bars sessions
  • Giving TWO Bars sessions
  • A comprehensive manual and summary chart to assist you in running the Bars on your own
  • Snacks, fun, camaraderie, laughter!

IMG_0184After this one-day class, you will be certified as a Bars Practitioner and can offer sessions to others. Many people have created successful businesses with this unique, gentle therapy. Or you can add these powerful tools to enhance your existing business as a teacher, healer or coach. What are the infinite possibilities?

Does this sound intriguing to you? Are you willing to expand your life and your money flow?

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Here’s what some past participants have said:

Thanks for the most caring, interesting, student centered Access workshop I have ever attended. (This was her fifth bars class!) Amber D., San Jose, CA

You are the best teacher of Access. People you teach are so good at it. Your heart has reason to sing all daylong and all night. Ioana G, Los Gatos, CA

Thanks Pat! What a lovely class it was yesterday! I’m still floating!  Steve O, Palo Alto, CA

You are such a great facilitator, so warm, so intuitive. It was SO fun to work with you.  Kate R., San Jose, CA

Pat Duran is a great facilitator….warm, open, giving.and non-judgmental. Whopee!

It was awesome. Pat is a great teacher, and the technique is very effective. We were able to give and receive the technique twice during the class. I could actually feel the energy moving and releasing from my body.  Charlotte P, Sunnyvale, CA

I loved the concept and the energy of this treatment and I’m excited about sharing it.  It’s simple to learn and yet very effective.  The teacher has a beautiful soul and energy.  Christina G, San Jose, CA

Thank you for the awesome experience on Saturday!  I’m still feeling lighter and happier.  Jo Ann M., San Jose, CA

Thank you Pat for your insights into the Bars technique, the class was eye opening to new ways of healing, and your expertise in the healing arts assisted all of us in the class to take our own healing energy to a new space. The Bars changed all of us in some way and the healing effects are still coming through from that day in class. Thank you so much for your thoughtful teaching style and showing us with ease how the Bars technique incorporates into our healing practices.  Kristi W, San Francisco, CA

This class was very effective to say the least.  This morning just before I woke up I dreamt I had sorted out my ‘basement’.  In past dreams my basement was a dark,  dreary, forgotten place with cast off, useless junk in it.  In this dream my basement was in a really nice house & was easily accessible.  I went down a nice neat set of stairs to the basement where I found it to be clean & well lit, yet a little disorderly.  I moved the furniture around & tidied up a bit & the next thing I knew there were people coming down the stairs & we all had a little party.  BIG CHANGE!!!   Whether my basement is my subconscious  or my shadow self, it’s all good now!   Deborah D., Campbell, CA

Additional Info

Check the EVENTS Calendar for upcoming classes and locations.

Check out this fun VIDEO on the Bars.

Here are some other details.

  • Time: 9:30 to 5:30 PT
  • Cost: $350 or $175 if you are repeating.  Kids 15 and under are free. Ages 16 and 17 are half price.

TO REGISTER, there is a 2-step process:

  1. Register at the Access site. To register, please go HERE and find the list of upcoming classes. Choose the class and date you prefer
  2. Payment via PayPal, cash or check. To make the check-in process easier, it’s great to pay in advance using the form at the bottom of this page.

Most classes are held in my beautiful home in Indio with a pool and jacuzzi. Feel free to indulge! Pack a lunch and enjoy the company, the yard, and my two adorable dogs.   If it’s warm, enjoy the pool at lunch time too.

How does it get any better than that?™