Are you talking yourself into aging faster?

When you think and talk about getting older, what words do you use? Do you say you are “over the hill” or “long in the tooth” or “going downhill fast” or even “aging gracefully”? What images do those terms conjure up in your mind? Are they of someone with vibrancy no matter what their chronological age or of someone slowly (or quickly) declining into a state of decrepitude?

I caught myself talking to a 20-something the other day and saying “I’m older than I look” when she was surprised about how many years I had spent in corporate America. Hmmm . . . what if I had let her conclude that I must have been a child genius? How would that have changed our interaction? Might we have had even more fun?

Do you hear yourself saying “what do you expect at my age?” Or do you buy into that point of view when you hear a doctor or someone else say that? The medical profession seems especially prone to categorize us and presume that certain things will happen at certain ages. And most of us buy into it. What would happen if we didn’t? What if you checked with your own beautiful body? What if your body is capable of creating a reality that is different from what the doctors tell you it has to be?

I used to say I was having a “senior moment” when I couldn’t remember something. Then I heard an interesting [Read more…]

Is your body your friend?

If you treated your best friend the way you treat your body, would she still be your friend? Would you ever say to your friend the kinds of things you say to or about your body? If you felt about your friend the way you feel about your body, would you even want to be friends with her?

I used to stare at my reflection and analyze all the faults. I felt disgusted about the extra pounds and the sagging and the veins that show in my legs. The more I criticized, the worse I felt. Worse yet, I knew that I was making the situation worse by my judgments and I couldn’t seem to stop. None of my tools were able to help.

Then I discovered Access Consciousness and started to love my body, extra pounds and all. My poor beautiful body has endured such abuse over the years and now it is my friend and collaborator. An extra added bonus is that I’m having the best sex of my life! How does it get any better than that?

Did you know that you can ask [Read more…]

The Energy of Healing hits #1 on Amazon!

As of Tuesday, June 2, 2015, I am a #1 bestselling author!! What excitement throughout the day! Watching it climb from #73 to #47 to #11 to #3 and then linger there for what seemed like forever. Then all of a sudden it was #1!! And with 20 co-authors all watching it and all pulling energy for it, the feelings were intense. I could barely get any other work done that day. So grateful to all of you who helped make it happen.

Our new book The Energy of Healing gives you inspiration and joyful communion with the healing you knew was possible — it is an amazing opportunity to change!

The book is chock-full of wonderful [Read more…]

Signals From the Other Side

As part of my interview for the Happiness Telesummit, I’ve re-listened to a teleclass I did back in 2008. It was before I learned Access Consciousness so it doesn’t have any Access clearings in it but it is chock full of useful information about all the different ways our loved ones on the other side are sending us messages. My awareness is that they are sending us little signs  frequently and most of us are missing most of them!

One of my favorite examples is from my Mom. She died in 2003 and she LOVED butterflies. Since she died she has been sending me butterflies especially at times when I was feeling a little low and could really use a Mom boost. Well, she outdid herself in October 2012. And it was a very happy occasion [Read more…]

5 Questions That Can Change Your Life!

This post is where I hope you will share your experiences with the 5 Questions That Can Change Your Life.

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If you’ve been trying the 5 Questions already in your life, or if you have used them before, perhaps in a different guise, please share with us below how they worked for you.