Are you talking yourself into aging faster?

When you think and talk about getting older, what words do you use? Do you say you are “over the hill” or “long in the tooth” or “going downhill fast” or even “aging gracefully”? What images do those terms conjure up in your mind? Are they of someone with vibrancy no matter what their chronological age or of someone slowly (or quickly) declining into a state of decrepitude?

I caught myself talking to a 20-something the other day and saying “I’m older than I look” when she was surprised about how many years I had spent in corporate America. Hmmm . . . what if I had let her conclude that I must have been a child genius? How would that have changed our interaction? Might we have had even more fun?

Do you hear yourself saying “what do you expect at my age?” Or do you buy into that point of view when you hear a doctor or someone else say that? The medical profession seems especially prone to categorize us and presume that certain things will happen at certain ages. And most of us buy into it. What would happen if we didn’t? What if you checked with your own beautiful body? What if your body is capable of creating a reality that is different from what the doctors tell you it has to be?

I used to say I was having a “senior moment” when I couldn’t remember something. Then I heard an interesting statistic from Dr. Christiane Northrup, well-known women’s health expert. Did you know that every day we receive 250 times the information that someone received in an entire year in 1900? How could anyone possibly keep up with that? Our biology just has not caught up with the information era. Now I do on occasion say I have momentary “CRS disease” (Can’t Remember Shit). I’ve heard young people say that too so I think I’m in good company.

So what do you do when you catch yourself using or buying into this kind of language? Access Consciousness has two tools that are especially useful here. One is “Interesting Point of View“. Any time you hear words like this you can say to yourself “Interesting Point of View”. Repeat until the charge on the words dissipates.

You can also ask yourself “Who does this belong to?” Odds are that you picked it up from someone else and it’s not really yours to begin with. If you ask this and your body feels a little lighter or more expansive, that’s a sign that it is not yours and you can “Return to Sender with Consciousness Attached“.

I wonder how much you can shift just by changing your language? What are you aware of?

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