5 Questions That Can Change Your Life!

This post is where I hope you will share your experiences with the 5 Questions That Can Change Your Life.

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If you’ve been trying the 5 Questions already in your life, or if you have used them before, perhaps in a different guise, please share with us below how they worked for you.



  1. I was being interviewed this morning and was talking about the question “who does this belong to?” and how we take on other people’s energy. The interviewer shared with me afterwards that she had been having thoughts about suicide and giving up on all the troubles of life here. This is not like her at all and, as a result of our conversation and asking one of the 5 questions, she realized that she had taken on her ex-husband’s energy. When she did “return to sender with consciousness attached” it all lightened up and released! How does it get any better than that?

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